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  • Michel et Augustin Cookie...

    Prix AED18.75

    A delicious crunchy cookie with 2 hazelnut, milk chocolate , very VERY gourmet chips, a good taste of butter: you will love it. We concocted them with free range eggs, good butter, brown cane sugar and a LOT of love. We prefer to warn you: we don't know anyone who has eaten only one!


    Prix AED11.5
    From rigorously selected organic seeds Grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers * * in accordance with the regulations in force on organic production methods. Picked just at the right time, naturally sweet, crunchy and juicy.
  • Michel et Augustin Grand...

    Prix AED22.95

    Let yourself be tempted by our super melting chocolate and hazelnut heart cookies. Crispy on the outside, totally melting on the inside. You will melt for its milk chocolate and hazelnut heart. And as a bonus?

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    For the greediest, find Prince Goüt Chocolat in x3 format. Prince Goût Chocolat is a delicious crunchy whole wheat cookie with a great chocolate taste. Suitable for children's snacks, it is the ideal companion for gourmet breaks!

  • Michel et Augustin Grand...

    Prix AED23.5

    Fall for this MA-GIQUE cookie: a crispy texture concocted with good fresh butter, generous chocolate chips that melt in the mouth, chips of hazelnuts and a super melting heart of milk chocolate and hazelnuts. Something to delight the taste buds of BIG and little gourmets, for a snack break or with a coffee! To eat by 6 (if you plan to share them). Also available on Earth in a size of 2 (practical! Take it everywhere). Our cookies have a big heart. You too ! Good tasting.

  • BIO Confiture Extra...

    Prix AED24.25

    Our Organic Extra Apricot Jam is made from Malatya, Canino and Roussillon red apricots. We use organic apricots and sugar in this jam. The fruit is picked when ripe and then washed, cut in half and carefully pitted. With almost 100 years worth of know-how under their belts, our master jam makers make this jam using traditional methods in large open copper cauldron pots. Our organic extra apricot jam has a subtle, sweet and slightly sour flavour.

  • BIO Confiture Extra de...

    Prix AED24.25

    This product is made using whole wild blueberries which have been chosen for their strong fruity yet sweet flavour and their stunning almost black colour. The organic strawberries used in this recipe have also been carefully selected for their sweet flavour and juicy flesh. Lastly, we use organic raspberries which have been picked for their slightly tangy flavour and stunning bright red colour. After being washed and pitted, the fruit is then cooked with organic sugar and 100% natural fruit pectin. Their artisanal skills and the authentic recipe guarantee a sweet and tasty creation.

  • Michel et Augustin Petit...

    Prix AED31.5

    For lovers of the little pleasures of life, here are the tribe's mini cookies. A delicious crunchy cookie with 2 chocolates, milk chocolate and intense dark chocolate, very VERY gourmet chips, a good taste of butter: you will love it. We concocted them with free range eggs, good butter, brown cane sugar and a LOT of love. We prefer to warn you: we don't know anyone who has eaten only one!

  • Michel et Augustin Palmiers...

    Prix AED17.5

    Revisit the puff pastry recipe with us! Bite into the only REAL elongated palm trees with a good buttery taste and a little caramelized sugar. The tribe went back to the original pastry recipe for puff pastry and then imagined a UNEDIT format! Who had ever seen an elongated palm tree ?! A little caramelized sugar and presto. An original gourmet recipe for your little hunger pangs during the day. You will love the lightness of the puff pastry, the crunchiness, the regressive taste… Psst, to find in small pouches, by 3;) Even more practical to never leave them. And to vary the pleasure, also discover our elongated palm trees with raspberry chips and chocolate drops.

  • Crème de Chèvre à la...

    Prix AED23.95
    This creation by Albert Ménès combines delicious goat’s cheese, beetroot and pink peppercorns, making it the perfect product to take your pre-dinner nibbles to the next level. Delicious spread on toast or fresh bread. This creamy spread has no added flavourings, colourings or preservatives. The colour may vary from one product to another.