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  • VAB Yaourt à boire Vanille...

    Prix 14,76 AED

    The incredible vanilla drinking cow with a hint of the tribe's maple syrup is yours! A drinkable yogurt prepared with good, simple and quality ingredients: whole milk from our beautiful country, infused vanilla from Madagascar, a teaspoon of sugar, a hint of maple syrup ... and presto! 500 mL of happiness to sip alone or with your tribe, at the end of a meal or for snacking during the day, plain or accompanied (with a chocolate fondant for example;)). Its texture is super smooth, its vanilla taste will delight your taste buds… gourmet friends, you will be delighted! Awesome ! Also available on Earth in small format, to slip everywhere in your bag;)


    Prix 23,33 AED
    Discover Yoplait's Panier fruit yogurts: 4 red fruit yogurts with 2 different flavors (blackberry and blueberry). We have developed a new recipe with more fruit and zero additives to offer you yogurt with delicious pieces of fruit and 100% French milk. Basket of Yoplait is the gourmet alliance of good fruit and a creamy yogurt for maximum pleasure to share with the family.Yoplait, let's taste life on the bright side!
  • VAB Yaourt à boire...

    Prix 14,76 AED

    Qui veut boire une vache avec nous ? Découvrez notre incroyable yaourt à boire à la framboise ! Un yaourt onctueux, gourmand et vraiment savoureux. Pour le concocter ? La tribu a réuni 3 ingrédients de qualité : du yaourt au lait entier français, bien sûr, 11% de véritables framboises, un peu de sucre. Et c’est tout ! Aucun additif, promis. A dénicher aussi en petit format si vous voulez l’emmener partout avec vous. Et pour les explorateurs de saveurs, bonne nouvelle ! Notre vache existe aussi à la fraise, à la vanille, au chocolat, à la mangue-passion, à la myrtille et banane-goyave. Goûtez-les TOUTES <3

  • VAB Yaourt à boire Myrtille...

    Prix 14,76 AED

    The tribe presents its incredible very fruity and very VERY gourmet drinkable yogurt: the cow to drink with blueberry. Fall for this good creamy yogurt, concocted in France with whole milk from our beautiful country, fruit - REAL, and without any additives, a hint of sugar and that's it. You will be amazed by its crazy blueberry taste! To sip alone at the end of a meal or in case of a little hunger, or as an accompaniment to your favorite cereals or cookies;) And as the tribal proverb says: a cow can always hide another. Discover all our drinkable yoghurt recipes;) Chocolate, banana-guava, strawberry, vanilla, blueberry, mango-passion. PSST: also exists on Earth in a small bottle. Youhou!


    Prix 24,05 AED
    Danette Bio is an organic and 100% gourmet dessert cream! Find the star of your desserts with the chocolate dessert cream in organic version. Made in Hauts de France with French milk (Baileul, 59270) this gourmet chocolate cream is based on organic products and without coloring.
  • Mousse au chocolat noir 500ml

    Prix 33,29 AED

    Make love, not the mousse, we'll take care of it;) Our dark chocolate mousse? It is incredibly chocolatey, super airy when you dip your first spoon in it, deliciously melting in the mouth. EX-TA-TIQUE experience guaranteed. The tribe has concocted it for you with good dark chocolate, pure cocoa butter, fresh butter, eggs from free-range hens ... what good ingredients! Good news ! To enjoy it where you want, when you want, our chocolate mousse can also be devoured in mini format;)

  • Vache à boire vanille de...

    Prix 14,76 AED

    Vanilla lovers? Discover one of our vanilla drinking cows from Madagascar. To enhance its taste, the tribe has added a touch of almond milk, for even more softness and smoothness. Inside our drinkable yogurt? French whole milk yogurt, a hint of almond milk, vanilla from Madagascar, a hint of sugar… BE CAREFUL, very good and very VERY greedy;) Concocted in France with a lot of love, very few ingredients and above all no additives. Good news ! You can also sip our cow in a small format. And for other vanilla experiences, discover our drinkable yogurts with vanilla and a hint of honey and vanilla with a hint of maple syrup. You are going to A-DO-RER our cows;)

  • Mousse au chocolat au lait...

    Prix 33,29 AED

    Dip your spoon in our incredible milk chocolate mousse. A light and airy chocolate mousse, smooth and melting in the mouth, with delicious notes of caramel and cream. A real treat for the taste buds! Our mousse has been concocted in France in an artisanal way. Inside ? Good chicken eggs raised in the open air, good milk chocolate with pure cocoa butter, cream made in Normandy… in short, only GREAT quality ingredients. Good news ? Your mousse is also to be found by 2 in mini format. Convenient to take it everywhere with you;)

  • VAB Yaourt à boire Mangue...

    Prix 14,76 AED

    Hang in there, this drinkable yogurt is like no other. This is the amazing tribal mango-mango drinking cow! A creamy yogurt, not at all acidic, concocted with a lot of love and only 3 ingredients: French whole milk yogurt, fruit (real ones, not aromas: real mango puree and delicious fruit juice from the passion), a dab of sugar. To sip as a dessert or if you are hungry during the day. To take him everywhere with you? Think of our cow in small format;) And to vary the pleasures throughout the week, change the cow;) The tribe has concocted lots of different recipes for you: chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, vanilla , banana-guava and blueberry. There is something for every taste ! Drink cows and SMILE at least 30x a day * * we are talking about smiling there, not cows;)